All beach visitors are expected to cooperate with the lifeguards' requests for safe and appropriate behavior. When a whistle is blown, give lifeguards your complete attention. 

  1. No dunking or rough play.
  2. No throwing sand.
  3. Stay inside the ropes.
  4. Smoke in designated areas.
  5. No glass allowed. (Glass bottles, jars and containers are not allowed on the premises because of the high-risk for injuries for bare-foot children in and out of the water.)
  6. No dogs allowed. (Dogs are not allowed because of the risks to public health and water quality.)
  7. No feeding the ducks. (Feeding of ducks is prohibited because of risks to public health and water quality.)
  8. No kayaks, canoes or paddleboards (Launch non-motorized boats at the public boat launch on the south end of the lake. This policy is strictly enforced in order to protect our lake from invasive species.)